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Often one short response tells a life-changing story.

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Personal stories of women who preceded you.

I got to know evi when she gave a masterclass. Her story touched me from her first word and I could identify with it very much. After she had amazed me with her knowledge for 2 hours(!) I decided to embark on a personal trajectory to optimize my progress together. I play sports professionally and have had many coaches and trainers, but this is really different.  What I like best is that evi really stands next to me and thinks along with me throughout the entire process .  


I came to evi through someone else, because it is often difficult online to estimate how "good" someone really is, it took me months to find a therapist.  

I had already done countless blood tests (eg EMB ect) and although some information came out, nothing seemed to really help. Evi looks at health very holistically and that has made a big difference for me. She guided me throughout the entire process and through her own experience in this she really understood me. She is also the only one who has made a complete ebook about me . This was mega valuable and still gave me a lot to hold on to.  


I thought it was very important to have a coach who had personal experience with the illness (physical + mental) because I have often felt so misunderstood and unseen. I immediately noticed from Evi that she understood me and really wanted to help me, without pushing me in a certain direction. She actually helped me to understand myself and to make choices based on this.  The difference now vs at the start of my journey is indescribable and for this I am eternally grateful to Evi.  


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