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What's inside 

The online recipe book for when you have stopped using contraception, want to connect with your body , want to support it in the right way so that you can regain your power, energy and authentic self  as quickly as possible. 

In this book you will find all the knowledge you need to understand your body and support it. 



  • 172  pages 

  • Hormone wisdom:

    • Cutting edge knowledge 

    • Ancient wisdom 

  • 100 recipes 

    • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks, sauces and spice mixes 

    • Healing plant mixes 

  • Grocery list 

  • Free training from our cyclic training guide 

Recipe info: 


All recipies contain powerful plants that help you balance your hormones and heal your body. Every recipies contains an index in which you can see in which way this meal, drink or sauce supports your body. 

This book focuses on the importance of listening to yourself and giving your body what it needs; you will not find any restrictions.

All recipies are vegan, sugar and gluten-free.

Most recipes  can be prepared in (less than) 15-20 minutes.

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Review quit birth control