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The Vaccin and your Cycle (ENG VERSION)

“ You mag suffer side effects after being vaccinated with the covid-19 vaccin, symptoms may include fever or muscle soreness that last a few days. All symptoms are very likely to occur with all types of vaccinations. It all usually happens within 2 weeks after your injection. Any changes in your cycle or menstruation will last a maximum of 2 weeks, the covid-19 vaccine will therefore not affect your fertility.” As stated by the Dutch government on, yet the complaints I have seen in my practice tell a completely different story…

For all my Dutchies, lees de Nederlandse versie hier:

In the following article I share personal stories of women who’s fertility or cycle has been affected by the covid-19 vaccine, this article cannot be used as research nor evidence.

It is important to know that not every woman will experience these symptoms after being vaccinated. In addition, not all women who experience side effects have knocked on my door, there are also many more women who experience different side effects, if you are one of these women please send me your story through email or dm.

June 2021

It wasn't long after the government's vaccination campaign kicked off, until applications started pouring in. Women of all ages who experienced a broad variety of health complaints, which in their perception started after they had one or more injections of a covid-19 vaccine. Certainly in the beginning, almost all of them could be placed in 1 of the 3 categories:

  • no more menstruation (bleed)

  • weeks to months of persistent bleeding

  • an irregular cycle (symptoms of PCOS)

Many of these complaints were accompanied by intestinal complaints, muscle soreness, migraine attacks, skin issues ect. It was also in this month where I heard for the first time that it weren’t only women who had a natural cycle that suffered from complaints, but also women that were on hormonal birth control (and had been for a long time).

The first woman to share her experience with me was Soraya, she had been taking the pill for 3 years without any side effects, but two days after her vaccination she had a breakthrough bleeding for the first time in her life. Towards the end of her cycle (strip) she started to get huge cravings and she felt very emotional, during her next stop-week she lost much more blood than usual, she suffered from sore breasts, severe cramps and huge muscle pain in her legs.

At the time I was in complete shock and I didn’t understand how the vaccin could interfere with hormones that weren’t even naturally produced by the body. At this point, January 2022, I know that this is a very common symptom for women who have been vaccinated and are using contraception. In some cases the symptoms fade over time, in some cases the changes seem to stay the same for 6 months+.

July 2021

In July, younger people got vaccinated much quicker and on a larger scale as many of them agreed to get a shot in order to be able to attain festivals and clubs again… From this moment on, the applications poured in and the complaints also seemed to get worse.

There was an increase in the amount of women who reported a breakthrough bleed after being vaccinated but I suspect this had to do with the fact that the amount of women who were on birth control was also around 70% - 80%. What shocked me most was the amount of women who openly spoke to me about their worry of feeling so weak they doubted if they could go back to their old job or study after summer, Sara is a perfect example of women like this.

Sara’s complaints fitted perfectly into one of the three categories mentioned above: she had had severe headaches and an irregular cycle from the moment of vaccination, yet she had a lot of “extra’s”.

Sara always had a perfectly regular and painless cycle and she was not using any contraception. The had a light fever, headaches, muscle soreness and tiredness straight after the first injection, yet she really started to worry when her period came 3 weeks late. When she finally got her bleeding, it was very heavy and she suffered from dizziness, headache, abdominal pain, pimples, ect. The next bleed came after just under 3 weeks and was very heavy again, Sara had difficulty keeping up with her work during the week of her "menstruation" and feared that she would not be able to maintain her studies.

- This is Evi from the future: after some testing, support and detoxification, Sara's complaints have finally been resolved and she can fully devote herself to her work, studies and passions again.-

September 2021

September was quite an dynamic month as women who had been staring at it all summer, hoping their complaints would disappear by themselves, now sought out help, Isabel also sent me a message at the end of September.

Isabel was only 18 years old and wanted to become a doctor which made her very enthusiastic when the vaccinations were available for her age group and got it as one of the first of her friends.

It’s very important for me to mention this as one reasonings people bring to the table is that side effects mainly occur in women who were reluctant in taking the vaccine in the first place and therefore expected their body to react negatively, making all the side effects placebo… Now I don’t want you to underestimate the power of thought but I want to be very clear that these complaints are real manifestations in the physical body and therefor should be taken seriously.

So Isabel took the shot with the greatest joy, yet noticed some chances in her lower abdomen only hours after her appointment. She started bleeding that night and this bleed lasted for 3 whole weeks, the stopped for 1 week and continued for 6 weeks again.

As she was very young and therefor still developing this blood loss took it’s toll on her body and energy. She felt drained and hopeless since her GP and gynecologist repeatedly sent her home with the advice to "look at it for a while.”

September was also the month in which many different women told me that they had either had spotting, different bleeds or got back their full cycle after having gone through their menopauze fully. These women thus had stoped cycling for multiple years and got their cycle or a bleed “back” after being vaccinated one or twice. Till this day I have found no satisfying scientific explanation for this “syndrome”.

A lot of women who are still going through menopauze have reported different symptoms such as changes in the frequency or heaviness of the bleed as well as a severe increase in symptoms related to menopause such as hot flashes, chills, night sweats, mood changes and slowed metabolism.

October 2021

The number of applications has only increased since the start of the vaccination campaign and due to the large number of women I spoke to this last summer, I finally was able make an overview in October.

In the list below, I've categorized the symptoms from - most to least common - in my practice.

  • No menstruation for 2 to 8 weeks after the moment of vaccination

  • Loss of Ovulation

  • Intestinal complaints (bloated stomach, IBS, intolerances, ect)

  • No menstruation for 3+ months

  • A longer cycle 5 to 9 weeks until bleeding occurs

  • Severe PMS or PMDD

  • Heavy menstruation and a lot of blood loss

  • Migraines before and during menstruation

  • Bloated stomach and retaining a lot of fluid during and before menstruation

  • Coming back from the bleeding after the menopause has already been completed

  • Long bleeding: 10 - 40 days of bleeding


The women in my practice started to experience the symptoms after they have been vaccinated, but this does not necessarily mean that these symptoms are side effects. Due to the lack of studies and evidence surrounding all covid-19 vaccinations, it is currently impossible to say with certainty what side effects are and which complaints are caused by stress, for example.

November and December 2021

The last months of 2021 differed from the rest because no one who asked for my help had recently been vaccinated, so all complaints had been going on for several months and the women who asked for my help were therefore able to recognize different patterns in their cycle and health. This makes it much easier for me to come up with an effective solution and to help women optimize their health again.

January 2022

The booster campaign, which has been going on for several months, has now reached a peak and injecting a third vaccine is even made mandatory, if you want to obtain or keep your QR code.

What does the government say?

The government confirms changes in menstruation

As you read at the beginning of this article, the government denies that the vaccine has any long-term impact on women's fertility and/or ability to complete a healthy pregnancy. However, she recently admitted that the vaccine can have a short-term impact on your cycle, fertility and menstruation.

The government has confirmed that the vaccine temporarily extends your cycle or temporarily delays bleeding. A long cycle or delayed bleeding is usually the result of a cycle in which the woman is not ovulating or is ovulating irregularly.

This means that there is no or delayed ovulation and the woman is not fertile at all or is fertile at a different point in her cycle.

A lack of evidence for and against vaccines…

Even after the vaccine has been on the market for three quarters of a year, it is impossible to say what exactly causes these side effects and why some women do and others do not suffer from them. However, the internet houses many different theories on what’s supposed to cause the side effects and even what the eventual purpose would be. At this moment in time I can only conclude that both the pro and anti vaccination studies have too little scientific evidence to explain what the ultimate effects of an injection can be.

What about the mRNA vaccine again?

As can be read above, there is currently too little known to make firm claims about what the effects of the vaccines are on your body, which brings me to my next point: repeatedly vaccinating a large population group with a new type of vaccine is a major experiment, the consequences of which cannot be foreseen.

In order to explain everything clearly, it is important to know that there are 2 types of vaccines on the market:

  • mRNA vaccine these are the shots from moderna, Pfizer, BioNTech

  • Vector vaccines: AstraZeneca and van Janssen

The mRNA vaccine is a new type of vaccination in which mRNA is injected into your body. In short, mRNA is a transport system for genetic information from DNA. It is a form of RNA that can convert codes from DNA into proteins. According to CBG, the covid-19 mRNA vaccine works as follows: “It introduces very small fat globules into the body with a piece of genetic code (mRNA). This is the same code that is also present in the coronavirus. This mRNA is converted in the body into spike proteins, a protein of the virus. The pieces of this protein become visible to the immune cells in the body, which then produce antibodies that recognize the virus when infected. Will you come into contact with covid later? Then the virus is rendered harmless.”

There is a lot of speculation around whether parts of SARS-CoV-2 could end up in human DNA, at the moment many researchers consider this very likely while and many others consider this chance non existent. Further side effects of this vaccine should become apparent over time.

The standard vaccine

The vector vaccine is a standard vaccine in which a weakened virus is injected into your body so that your immune system can make antibodies against the invading weakened virus. When infected with the "real" virus, your body recognizes this and can act quickly so that you do not get ill or become less ill. This form of vaccination has been used since the 1960s to fight various viral diseases and prevent infection.

My hope for the future

I have been committed to optimizing female health for years and an important part of my job is to give women the authority over their bodies and health back.

Since March 2020, many people feel that they have been stripped of leadership over their lives and bodies, which is something that hurts me a lot to hear. I hope this article has provided a behind-the-scenes look to broaden your perspective on what the vaccine is and give you the courage to take back authority over your body and health where necessary.

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